Taylor Glen in Concord, NC, recognizes the importance of family involvement in the well-being and happiness of their residents. Strong family connections contribute to a supportive and fulfilling living environment.

This guide provides an overview of how Taylor Glen encourages family engagement through visiting policies, family-friendly activities, and tips for maintaining strong relationships.

Importance of Family Involvement

Family involvement is crucial for the emotional and mental well-being of senior residents. Benefits include the following.

  • Emotional Support: Regular interaction with family members provides emotional comfort and reduces feelings of loneliness.
  • Enhanced Quality of Life: Active family participation contributes to a more enriching and enjoyable living experience.
  • Continuity of Relationships: Maintaining strong family ties helps preserve important relationships and shared histories.

Visiting Policies

Taylor Glen has established visiting policies designed to facilitate family visits while ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.

  • Flexible Visiting Hours: Families are encouraged to visit during designated hours, with some flexibility to accommodate special circumstances.
  • Guest Accommodations: On-site guest rooms are available for out-of-town visitors, making it convenient for families to stay close by.
  • Health and Safety Protocols: To protect residents, Taylor Glen follows health and safety guidelines, including health screenings for visitors and adherence to hygiene practices.

Family-Friendly Activities

Taylor Glen offers a variety of activities and events that encourage family participation.

  • Holiday Celebrations: Families are invited to join residents for holiday meals, parties, and themed events, fostering a festive atmosphere.
  • Recreational Activities: Outdoor picnics, game nights, and craft sessions are organized to include family members in the fun.
  • Educational Workshops: Informative sessions on topics like senior health, technology, and caregiving are open to both residents and their families.

Staying Connected

Maintaining strong family connections is essential. Here are some tips for staying engaged with your loved ones at Taylor Glen.

  • Regular Visits: Schedule regular visits to spend quality time together. Even short visits can make a significant difference.
  • Virtual Communication: Utilize video calls, emails, and social media to stay in touch, especially if you live far away.
  • Participate in Activities: Join your loved one in community activities and events to create shared experiences.
  • Support Resident Interests: Encourage and support your loved one’s hobbies and interests, whether it is attending a gardening club meeting or watching their favorite movie together.

Tips for Effective Communication

Effective communication enhances the relationship between residents and their families.

  • Active Listening: Pay attention to your loved one’s needs and concerns. Show empathy and understanding.
  • Positive Interaction: Focus on positive and uplifting conversations. Share happy news and memories.
  • Regular Updates: Keep your loved one informed about family events and milestones. Bring photos and memorabilia to share.

Family Support Services

Taylor Glen offers various support services to assist families.

  • Counseling Services: Professional counseling is available to help families navigate the challenges of senior care.
  • Caregiver Support Groups: Join support groups to connect with other families, share experiences, and receive guidance.
  • Educational Resources: Access educational materials on topics related to aging, health care, and senior living.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the visiting hours at Taylor Glen?
A: Visiting hours are flexible to accommodate families’ schedules, but it is best to check with the community for specific times and any updates to policies.

Q: Can family members join residents for meals?
A: Yes, family members are welcome to join residents for meals. Taylor Glen offers private dining areas for special family gatherings.

Q: Are there activities specifically designed for family involvement?
A: Yes, Taylor Glen organizes various activities and events that encourage family participation, including holiday celebrations, recreational activities, and educational workshops.

Q: How can I stay connected if I live far away?
A: Utilize virtual communication tools like video calls, emails, and social media to stay in touch with your loved one. Regular phone calls and mailed letters are also great ways to maintain connection.


Taylor Glen in Concord, NC, is dedicated to fostering a family-friendly environment that enhances the lives of its residents. By encouraging family involvement through flexible visiting policies, family-friendly activities, and effective communication, Taylor Glen ensures that residents maintain strong, meaningful relationships with their loved ones.

For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact us.