At Taylor Glen, nestled in the vibrant surroundings of Concord, North Carolina, the essence of creativity and artistic expression forms the core of the community. Here, senior living transcends the ordinary, offering residents a canvas to paint their golden years with vibrant colors of creativity and culture. This article delves into the multitude of artistic endeavors and cultural experiences that Taylor Glen provides, illustrating how we foster an environment where art is not just an activity, but a way of life.

A Community Steeped in Creative Energy

Taylor Glen, with our picturesque setting in Concord, has always been more than just a senior living community; it is a thriving hub of artistic and creative energy. This creative ethos is not accidental but a deliberate effort to intertwine the arts into the daily lives of our residents.

  • Local Artistic Richness: Concord, known for its historic charm and cultural vibrancy, provides the perfect backdrop for residents to engage with local art scenes. The community’s proximity to Charlotte also opens doors to a broader artistic spectrum.
  • Art-Filled Spaces: The community itself is adorned with artworks, transforming living spaces into galleries that inspire and stimulate creativity.

Diverse Art Programs for Every Interest

Recognizing that artistic interests are diverse and varied, Taylor Glen offers a wide range of art programs, catering to every artistic inclination.

  • Visual Arts Workshops: These workshops cover various mediums, from painting and sketching to sculpture and pottery, allowing residents to explore different forms of visual expression.
  • Crafting and Textile Arts: For those inclined towards crafts, activities like quilting, knitting, and other textile arts offer a way to create and share handcrafted beauty.

Cultural Enrichment Through Local Collaborations

Taylor Glen’s commitment to cultural enrichment is further enhanced through collaborations with local artists and cultural institutions.

  • Guest Artist Programs: Local artists are invited to conduct workshops and share their expertise, providing residents with an opportunity to learn directly from professionals.
  • Visits to Local Galleries and Theaters: Organized trips to local galleries, theaters, and cultural events in Concord and Charlotte allow residents to immerse themselves in the region’s rich artistic heritage.

Music and Performance: A Symphony of Life

Music and performance arts hold a special place in the array of creative activities at Taylor Glen.

  • Music Programs and Choirs: Whether it’s participating in a choir, taking music lessons, or enjoying performances, music is an integral part of life at Taylor Glen.
  • Theatrical Performances and Poetry Readings: Engaging in drama clubs or poetry sessions allows residents to not only spectate but also participate in the joy of storytelling and performance.

Art Therapy: Healing Through Creativity

At Taylor Glen, art is not only seen as a hobby but also as a therapeutic tool, aiding in emotional and cognitive well-being.

  • Art Therapy Sessions: Guided art therapy sessions provide an avenue for self-expression and emotional exploration, aiding in stress relief and mental clarity.
  • Memory Care Through Art: Specialized programs use art as a means to assist residents with memory care, helping them to express themselves and connect with their past.

Intergenerational Art Experiences

Fostering connections between generations, Taylor Glen actively promotes intergenerational art programs.

  • Collaborations with Schools and Youth Groups: Partnering with local schools and youth groups for joint art projects provides an enriching experience for both seniors and young people.
  • Family Art Days: Events where residents and their families come together to create art, foster family bonds, and bridge the generational gap through shared creative activities.

Art Exhibitions and Celebrations

The artistic achievements of residents are celebrated and showcased in the community through regular exhibitions and events.

  • Resident Art Shows: Regular art shows feature the works of resident artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their talents and share their creations with the community.
  • Seasonal Art Festivals: Seasonal festivals and themed art events add a celebratory dimension to the community’s artistic life.


Taylor Glen, in its idyllic setting in Concord, North Carolina, is more than a senior living community; it’s a vibrant artistic colony that nurtures the creative spirits of its residents. Through a diverse range of art programs, cultural collaborations, and therapeutic art initiatives, the community ensures that the artistic passions of every resident are fostered and celebrated. At Taylor Glen, the golden years are not just a phase of life; they are a continuing journey of creative exploration and expression, deeply intertwined with the cultural tapestry of Concord and beyond.