Living at Taylor Glen

Living at Taylor Glen

Life on The Gardens of Taylor Glen campus is designed to nurture body, mind, and spirit. Activities are as diverse as the residents themselves.

Planned daily and weekly activities include social events to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Weekly schedules include craft opportunities such as water color painting, basketry, woodworking, gardening, and needlework and book clubs, as well as bridge games, ice cream socials, shopping, and day trips to interesting and exciting historic and cultural areas in Metrolina.

Families are important at The Gardens of Taylor Glen. Children, grandchildren, and extended family come to the campus often to visit, share a meal, or join in the fun. Beautiful common areas indoors and out encourage social gatherings with family and friends of all ages. On-campus lodging and meals for overnight guests can be arranged by speaking with the Marketing/Admissions Coordinator.

Campus health and wellness activities are ongoing and range from jogging and biking along exercise trails ... to croquet games on the campus court ... to water aerobics and organized exercise at our state-of-the-art aquatic and fitness center.

The Gardens of Taylor Glen community enjoys a wonderful partnership with a local college preparatory academy; Cannon School. Their staff and students play a large role in the active lives of our residents. It is wonderful to see the blending of generations occur right here on our campus, through music, arts, entertainment and much more! Please see the article about our community on page 20 of Cannon Magazine's summer issue here!